| Program

This training system best fits those who are at the point of being at their weakest (1-8) or those who have the basic physiological health but wish to further enhance (9-13).

| Basic to advance rehab for :

1-Impact Injuries.
2-Over Injuries
3-Compensation Patterns
4-Physical Injury; affecting movement.
5-Safe Exercise Program for Bone Density Concerns.

| Recovery from and advancement towards :

6-Correction and Integration of Perfect Dynamic Posture.
7-Learning to Walk, Run, Jump.
8-Muscle Gain After an Illness or As Support. 

| Wanting to :

9-Improve or Excel At Sport. (Athleticism)
10-Learn to Absorb Impact in Activities of Daily Living or Work, Sports, Etc.
11-Learn Speed, Agility, Quickness.
12-Change the Way Your Body Looks.
13-Put on Mass. (Body Building)

This system is purpose driven to achieve what you set out for, designed for those who want to achieve something with their physiology, be willing to follow homework regimes, and are strong minded, or desire to be. The main purpose is to bring out the best potential in all individuals regardless of age.

Also specialising in children's fitness, mainly group classes of age groups 7-10, 11-13 and 14+.
One on one for children with special needs only or those befitting above (1-12) categories.

| Recuperative Stretch Session :

A stretch only treatment based on honed techniques of stretching intended to prevent neuromuscular-system irritation, and promote stretch adaptation so that the need for assisted stretching is lessened with resultant improvement in Range of Motion.