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"Thanks to Kamal, I was able to transform my body in the space of a year. I went from being an overweight individual to being proud of my physique. I am physically at a much better condition than I was before meeting Kamal. 

Kamal taught me the principles of weightlifting as well as dieting that I am able to apply to my daily routine. I will forever be grateful for the dedication, care and effect Kamal had in the process of transforming my body."


"Kamal is an excellent fitness trainer. He enabled me to do things I would not have imagined possible and I recommend him to anyone trying to achieve a higher level of fitness."


"I realized that my regular workout efforts weren't working and turned to Kamal. He quickly assessed my needs and developed a program and routines that were much more effective, varied, enjoyable and started delivering tangible results very quickly. Kamal also made me focus on effective nutrition and completely transformed my outlook on working out. I have continued to use some of his methods even after leaving Hong Kong.......
I hope you are keeping up the great work and being as impactful as you were with me! ."


"Kamal worked with my teenage son and daughter for several years. Kamal is excellent with kids and adults alike, and he uses his depth of knowledge and tough love to get great results. With his help, my kids got physically fit, and perhaps even more importantly developed a much stronger, lasting awareness of how the body works and how they can empower themselves to nourish it to improve health. I whole-heartedly recommend Kamal as a personal trainer for all ages."


"My husband and I trained with Kamal for many years. We found him to be a super dedicated trainer who was genuinely vested in the physical (and mental) outcomes of his clients. He is hard working and innovative with his training programs and is constantly studying the latest innovations in the field of physical fitness. He is also very thoughtful on the nutritional side. And as a person, Kamal is a lovely gentleman to train with - super personable, kind, thoughtful, hardworking and always on time. He has my unequivocal support and recommendation."


"I was never in better shape in my life than when I was training with Kamal. Kamal is outstanding at tailoring his training to one's own particular needs. He knows when to increase the difficulty to ensure one continues to improve and grow in strength, health and confidence. My strength and flexibility increased noticeably.
He is excellent at considering all elements of his client's regime, including diet and sleep as well as exercise.
Kamal is extremely reliable, and very flexible, as he puts his clients needs above his own.
I would highly recommend Kamal as a trainer to anyone."